Sex Workers Rights Are Human Rights!

We are a non-profit consortium of sex worker activists who work to fight the oppressive systems which cause harm in the sex industry and to ensure a secure physical, emotional and economic future for our community.

About Us

Our Mission

  • Creating a supportive network for sex worker activists to have opportunities for leadership and action on issues that impact their lives and the well being of their communities;
  • Ensuring the fundamental recognition of human rights for sex workers including their right to dignity, safety, equality and empowerment;
  • Supporting and promoting experiential leadership, the development of essential services and a continuum of services for active sex workers through class advocacy;
  • Supporting and advocating for enhanced prevention, education, health and healing for people in and from the sex industry.
  • Opening dialogue for the reduction of harm and abolition of the social economic and political conditions cause harm in the sex industry;


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You can get involved today by becoming a Member. All people with lived experience working in or operating a business in the sex industry are valued and welcome.

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Recent Posts

BCCEC Arts Collective

Wellness in Art Sex workers have a long history and relationship with art. From being the muse to producing art, our community have contributed to the culture of societies and nations across the millenia! Continuing in that tradition, the BCCEC Arts Collective are now looking for funding support for development of a multi media arts…

Financial exclusion

Financial Exclusion Background For decades sex workers have been denied access to basic business financial tools based on anti sex work ideology describing sex workers as all victims of crime with control over our own finances. This ideology also promotes our exclusion from use of traditional financial tools in efforts to combat sex trafficking –…


COVID – 19 Resources Critical Safety Components Sex work presents some unique challenges in prevention of transmission of COVID-19. There are some actions which are critical in ensuring the lowest chance of transmission; Hard screening of both clients and workers – using the BC Centre for Disease Control self assessment tool – – This tool is available…