Safety Planning Tool

This report outlines a tool for planning escape from a bad boyfriend, pimp or other exploiter/ abuser. This tool provides a comprehensive outline for planning escape. Collaborative_Safety_Planning_Tool_Sex_Workers_Dec2011RB1 (2) Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions!

Miss B

Miss B  is a well established reputable sex worker, activist and friend. In fact she has taken part in almost every project the BCCEC have coordinated starting with the cooperative development. She also took part in the trade secrets project and continues to be a vital resource for indoor workers when they need help and … Continue reading Miss B

Barb Altman

Barb is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba but is now a full time Vancouver citizen!! She is a former escort and domme and during her time in the sex industry Barb experienced the full brunt of everything which is wrong with Canada's legal framework which governs our community. Her experiences interacting with a broad spectrum of … Continue reading Barb Altman