The People’s Choice Adult Entertainment Awards Canada’s First Adult Entertainment Awards Ceremony Ever!

Vancouver, BC presents.
Annie Temple invited you to "The Naked Truth Adult Entertainment Awards" on
09 June at 19:00.
Annie says, "Please invite your friends. Tickets are limited. We only have
250 seats available. Contact me at to purchase tickets.
The Naked Truth Adult Entertainment Awards
Democracy for the Pornocracy!
Type: Party - Erotic Party
Start Time: Wednesday, 09 June 2010 at 19:00
End Time: Thursday, 10 June 2010 at 03:00
Location: Rio Theatre
Street: 1660 East Broadway
Town/City: Vancouver, BC

We’ve had exotic dance competitions, film festivals, and porn awards, butwe’ve never had anything like this! The Naked Truth is bringing together the most positive and successfulmembers of the adult entertainment industry from across the board – AdultFilm, Exotic Dance, Coworkers, Business Owners, Patrons and more – all underone roof. This is your chance to mingle with XXX celebrities and influential playersin the adult entertainment industry. The very best adult entertainers willmesmerize guests as they perform award-winning shows for their colleaguesand allies. Following the ceremony, guests are invited to network and socialize at the”Off-Camera After-Party” with the who’s who in adult entertainment. Highattendance is predicted.

 Tickets are $50 for one, $90 for two, then $40 each when ordered inmultiples of 3 or more. There will only be 250 tickets sold, so order soonto reserve your seat. For more information on ordering, The motivation for these awards is twofold: 1. Celebrate the positive aspects of the adult entertainment industry. Giveentertainers something to be proud of. Demonstrate to the mainstreamcommunity that adult entertainers are skilled workers and deserve to berecognized for their valuable contributions. 2. Promote the best, most ethical, and most favoured adult entertainmentindustry members and businesses. Encourage all industry members to beunfailingly professional; and let patrons know whom to support with theirdollars.

What is especially unique about The Naked Truth Awards is that they includeall adult entertainment participants, including coworkers such asphotographers, costume designers, and agents; as well as business owners andpatrons. But the emphasis is on the entertainers. Where are the best placesto work? Who are the best coworkers to work with? What industry resourcesare most cherished? The Naked Truth Awards will grow exponentially over the next five years andbeyond. They will grow bigger each year, as more and more people learn ofthem and participate in the nominations and voting. Membership is free and the community is welcoming. Due to the Internet creating a global community, The Naked Truth Awards willencompass internationally acclaimed adult industry players. Sponsorship Opportunities To pull off the awards, we need sponsors. All sponsors are invited toprovide a short video presentation about their company, which will bedisplayed during the evening of the ceremony. You may sponsor one particular category and negotiate a deal with us, or youmay pick a sponsorship package.

For more information about sponsoring,contact Packages range from $500 to $25000.


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