Campaig to End Violence Against Women


Below is a link to the Canadian Labour Congress’ website. They are asking Canadians to send 20 postcards in 20 days to the Prime Minister telling him to take action now to end violence against women. The CLC and its affiliate unions have distributed thousands of postcards and have asked people to return them to Prime Minister Stephen Harper between November 16th and December 6th. The cards urge him to keep the gun registry, and also contain messages asking that Canada improve the lives of women by: improving the funding of shelters for women and children; investing in new social housing; setting a national standard for welfare rates; providing equal pay for work of equal value; and improving services, including a nationally-funded child care program, better public pensions and access to Employment Insurance.


Each day a new card is posted and sending them to the Prime Minister can be done on the site. I am also trying to get some cards into the office to distribute among our clients who do not have internet access.





Angela Marie MacDougall

Battered Women’s Support Services

Executive Director

P.O. Box 21503 – 1424 Commercial Drive

Vancouver, BC, V5L 4G2

Direct Line:  604-687-1613


“We are the answer to our ancestors prayers, an opportunity to be the instrument for their journey and breath…”  Ahu Turahe, Quese Imc



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