(Not so) Feel-Good of the Day: First Women-Run Pharmacy in North America


Sadly, most of the time pharmacists are mentioned on Feministing it’s
regarding “conscience clause” folks – anti-choice pharmacists (and their buddy Bush)
who believe it’s their “religious or moral” right to refuse to sell contraception
to women even though it’s, you know, their job and all. So it was really
refreshing to
find a
group of pharmacists who actually give a hoot about women’s health.
(Until we found out they exclude trans women – update

Today, Vancouver
Women’s Health Collective
have opened Lu’s: A Pharmacy for Women.This will
be the first women-run and women-only pharmacy in North America. VWHC’s
executive director, Caryn Duncan, said:

“Women felt, ‘I want a woman pharmacist. I want to know that when
I walk in the door, I’m going to be getting sound women-centred care from a
pharmacist. I can talk to her about emergency contraception or a vaginal
infection, something that is very personal and intimate.'”

UPDATE: A reader alerted us to Bilerico’s
that the
pharmacy specifically excludes
trans women.
Commenter Lau actually
interviewed VWHC about this, who said that the policy existed because trans
folks’ health is different and there is already a heath center for trans people in
Vancouver (which is supposed to make it all okay). Sounds damn weak to me. If
their lack of expertise in trans folks’ health is really a concern, why not
bring in someone who can assist them? As
Mercedes on Bilerico said

For those who don’t know Vancouver, that part of West Hastings is
near the rough part of town, the skid row. There are other pharmacies present,
all cold environments, heavy glass between caregiver and client, patrons
subject to suspicion just for entering the doors. In this area, yes, trans sex
workers and the poor of our community could probably use some respectful and
reliable advice without hostility and prejudice. Unfortunately, Lu’s is not
there to give it — Lu’s has chosen to be selective in how it defines women.


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