TNT – The Naked Truth is Live!!!!

Hello everyone,

 I just wanted to take a moment to invite you all to join the NEW Naked Truth
community website. The Naked Truth was originally created for exotic dancers.

 I was dancing at the time and saw a need for a resource and
 support network for dancers. It has grown quite a lot since then and
 includes many adult entertainers from all different fields. However,
 because many are not also exotic dancers, they don’t feel comfortable
 participating in the forum discussions. The new site has opened up to
 welcome adult entertainers from all aspects of the industry, as well as
 allies and supporters, coworkers, and patrons. It is a facebook for adult
 entertainers and their friends. It has the potential to greatly improve
 communications among sex industry advocates nationally and internationally,
 as well as lots of new features to make life more interesting. Members have
 the ability to blog, post polls, create groups, promote events, and network
 with others involved in this work. These are just some of the new functions
 on the naked truth site. I hope many of you will consider signing up and
 joining our network. It is a site that is dedicated to safety for
 entertainers, so we strive to monitor comments and delete anything that is a
 direct insult towards entertainers specifically or generally. Please flag
 us if you see anything inappropriate. Members can also block other users
 and have complete control over their privacy levels. The Naked Truth does
 not own anything you post. You are in complete control of the image/profile
 you create. We are working through many kinks in the new system too, so
 please be patient. The site is not completed but we had a miscommunication
 and it went live early! LOL So, it’s here now and we’re going to make the
 best of it.
  Trina Ricketts aka Annie Temple


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