Male Sex Worker Arts Festival

FORMERLY KNOWN AS, a male sex worker arts festival

 Army of Lovers seeks submissions for an arts festival that will 
feature visual art, video, dance, performance, writing and music by 
men who’ve worked in some area of the sex industry at some point in
their lives.

 This multi-night festival will take place in early June
 2009 in San Francisco and will be part of the Queer Arts Festival. We are
collaborating with Carol Leigh, the Sex Worker Film Festival and the
Center for Sex and Culture to create programming that highlights work 
by and about male sex workers. There will be an evening of music. 
There will be several nights of multimedia cabaret where writers, 
performers and filmmakers come together to showcase their work. There
will be a visual art show. And there will be film/video nights.

 The reason we want to highlight male sex workers is because we know 
lots of men who are socially isolated from one another and from the 
broader world of sex workers. We see amazing female and trans sex 
workers leading the way in sex worker movements < politically,
creatively and socially. We hope to provide men a space to come 
together so that we can meet one another and integrate our voices 
into the larger discussion. Trans sex workers are absolutely welcome 
and adored. People outside San Francisco are welcome as audience 
members and as contributing artists.

 We seek work that reflects our lives. It doesn’t have to be limited 
to your experiences as a sex worker but we are extremely interested 
in art that addresses sex work. We want art by people who worked 
thirty years ago. We want art by people who worked five years ago. We 
want art by people who’ve spent time in jail. We welcome art that’s 
funny and confusing and sexual and political and bold and subtle and
traditional and nontraditional. We want art by people are are 
currently working. We want art by street workers, porn stars, 
dancers, escorts, webcasters, dungeon masters and people who’ve done 
types of sex work that often go unacknowledged: people who work at 
sex clubs, people who work on porn sets, people with quirky stories.
We will pay people for their participation because we got some grant 
money, but don’t expect to quit your day (or night) job!
Please contact Kirk Read at Please share this 
email with anyone you know who might be able to help get the word out 
to male sex workers.

 Please send work to:

Kirk Read
 Army of Lovers
 2261 Market St. #125
 San Francisco, CA 94114
 We welcome CDs, DVDs, printed stories, electronic files, raw ideas 
for performance art, links to websites…just get in touch and let us 
know what you have to offer!
Please get us stuff by MARCH 15!!

Deadline is not strict, but we will be curating the festival in
mid-March, so submissions received after that will also be considered 
for future programming.


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